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27 May 2015
For Immediate Release

AFAP:  Protect Australian Jobs, Carriers and Services on Australian Domestic Routes

Australia’s largest pilot association, the Australian Federation of Air Pilots (AFAP), is very concerned about reports that the Federal Government is considering allowing foreign airlines to fly domestic routes in Australia.

AFAP President, Captain David Booth says, “Allowing foreign carriers to operate domestically creates an uneven playing field for Australian pilots and operators.  Such plans undermine the employment of Australian pilots and could further dilute the profitability of Australian carriers already operating in a very competitive market”.

The AFAP has long expressed the view that any flying of passengers within Australia (from an Australian port to another Australian port) should be done under Australian employment laws.

“Allowing foreign airlines to operate within Australia has the potential to undercut the terms and conditions of Australian pilots and if allowed to proceed would further diminish the viability of the Australian aviation industry” said Captain Booth.

Captain Booth went on to say, “Opening up domestic flying to foreign carriers also creates legal uncertainties in respect of regulatory and safety laws”.

“Australian airlines operating in the Top End also provide an essential service to the community and the potential entry of foreign airlines into the domestic market would undermine that service”.

The AFAP calls on the Federal Government to not proceed with any proposal to open up the domestic aviation industry to foreign competition.

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Media Enquiries to: Simon Lutton, AFAP Executive Director, 0419 482 582,
The AFAP is the largest industrial and professional association for commercial air pilots in Australia and represents over 4000 commercial pilots.

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