FWC approves Jetstar’s application for protected industrial action

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has approved the application for a protected industrial action ballot made by the Australian Federation of Air Pilots last week.

Satisfied that the AFAP has genuinely been trying to reach an agreement with the company, the FWC has issued an Order to commence the PIA ballot.

“The AFAP has been genuinely negotiating with the Company for nearly 12 months but the company remains unwilling to shift on any of the pilot’s pay and conditions such as rostering,” said AFAP Executive Director Simon Lutton. 

“Despite our willingness to continue to meet and work towards reaching an agreement, the company has refused to move sufficiently to address the pilots’ concerns,” he said.

“The pilots remain committed to a mutually-agreed resolution on the outstanding pay and conditions claims under discussion and look forward to the next bargaining meeting scheduled for 29 November.”

“Jetstar pilots simply want to be valued fairly in line with their peers at other airlines,” said Mr Lutton.

The AFAP is now compiling a ballot roll of its Jetstar pilot members which will be submitted for scrutiny by Elections Australia.


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