Cuts to Virgin pilot jobs “devastating and sad”

The Australian Federation of Air Pilots (AFAP) is disappointed and saddened that the Virgin Group has today announced a third of its pilots will lose their jobs.

“This is a very sad day for our members and their families, and our hearts go out to all of them”, said AFAP Vice-President and Virgin Australia pilot Captain George Kailis. 

“The AFAP is devastated for our members on the B777, A330 and ATR fleets which will not be operated by the airline coming out of administration.”

The picture is also still unclear for the domestic (narrow body) operation as the company continues to work through what the B737 fleet make up will be in a post-COVID environment, and the projected timeline for demand to return.

“It takes years of dedication to become an airline pilot, and to see our members careers cut short or severely disrupted is just devastating.”

“It’s also very upsetting to see our industry being decimated and losing so many highly trained and very experienced pilots. Our members facing the loss of their job today include pilots at Virgin with more than 20 years of service who helped launch the airline.”

“Unfortunately, the Federal Government's alleged “industry wide” assistance has failed, and today those that suffer the cost are 3,000 Virgin Australia employees and their families.”

The Australian Federation of Air Pilots (AFAP) is the largest pilot union in Virgin representing more than 900 of the 1500 Virgin Group pilots.


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