As an industrial organisation we protect and improve employment conditions for our pilot members. This includes assistance in negotiating enterprise agreements, representation in the event of a dispute with an employer, assistance in the event of an accident or incident and expert advice on award and agreement matters.

As a professional association, the Australian Federation of Air Pilots provides a forum for pilots to meet and discuss all aviation related matters. The AFAP has an active Technical Committee which contributes expertise towards the development of Australian and international aviation safety standards. As part of the AFAP's welfare portfolio, we provide a pilot peer support network of trained pilot representatives, a Member Assistance Program available 24/7 and maintain a partnership with HIMS Australia.

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    9 out of 24 recommendations are inappropriate and unfitting to the Australian aviation industry in which we operate.

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    Runway 26/08- runway strip width discrepancies in published Operational Data.

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    Australia does not have a pilot shortage and pressure should be applied to airlines.

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Protecting Australia's Pilots