AFAP Membership – Why Join?

The AFAP has the most experienced and skilled industrial, legal and safety & technical team in Australian aviation. Our team is dedicated to serving the industrial and professional interests of more than 5000 members, spread across all sectors of the aviation industry. 

Our services include:

  • expert advice on award, enterprise agreement and employment matters
  • assistance in negotiating enterprise agreements
  • representation in the event of a dispute with an employer
  • exclusive access to Australian Air Pilots MBF Loss of Licence Cover;
  • assistance in the event of an accident or incident;
  • AFAP 24/7 Emergency Hotline;
  • Member Assistance Program (MAP);
  • Accident & Incident training course;
  • updates on pilot issues through regular newsletters and magazines

AFAP membership is only available to pilots who hold Australian citizenship, are permanent residents or fly for an Australian air operator.

Types of Membership //


For pilots who are employed in Australia. Full membership includes access to all Federation services, including industrial advice and representation, AFAP publications and newsletters, member discounts, and access to AAPMBF loss of licence cover. Employed cadet pilots qualify as full members. 

Cost: 1% of salary*

For pilots earning below $29,000 pa the minimum subscription is $319 (incl GST) pa.

* For subscription purposes salary excludes variable and reimbursement allowances (such as overtime payments, call in payments or meal allowances) and is exclusive of the SGC (superannuation guarantee contribution). Salary is defined as base salary plus fixed additions and allowances (such as check or training, and CPL/ATPL allowances). For Qantas Mainline Short Haul pilots, "salary" is defined as base salary. For Qantas Mainline Long Haul Pilots, "salary" is defined as MGH (minimum guaranteed hours).


For AFAP members who take up employment with an overseas operator. Industrial coverage is not provided to overseas members.

Captain $330 annually
First Officer $165 annually


For pilots who are ready, willing and able to accept employment in the industry and who are actively seeking work in the profession.

Cost: $77 annually

Associate (Retired)

For AFAP members who have retired from employment in the industry. Please contact Member Services on 03 9928 5737.

Cost: $49.50 annually


Cadet pilots or aviation students undertaking a course of study through an accredited training provider or University, with the intention of pursuing a career as a commercial pilot, may apply for free Cadet/Student membership. For anyone considering becoming a pilot this information may be of use.

Cost: Free