Tigerair faces pilot industrial action next week

Tigerair pilots have voted overwhelmingly in favour of protected industrial actions that could result in flights being delayed over the busy holiday period.


More than 90 per cent of the Australian Federation of Air Pilots (AFAP) Tigerair pilot members, which represents 75 per cent of Tigerair Australia pilots, voted to approve the taking of protected industrial action following the company’s unsatisfactory pay offer in September.


Tigerair pilots have not had a pay increase for more than two years and negotiations over a new enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA) have been stalled by the company.


The AFAP has advised Tigerair that action will not be taken any earlier than Friday 21 December.


While Tigerair pilots will still turn up for their rostered shifts, they will adopt three work bans from this date. Pilots will refuse to fly jets with minor, non-safety related (‘deferred’) defects; refuse to start work within 90 minutes of being called in from stand-by; and conduct in-air go-slows by not exceeding certain speeds or taking route short-cuts (‘track shortening’).


The low-cost airline operates routes to all Australian capital cities, as well as many holiday destinations.


AFAP industrial officer James Lauchland said that “after two years of bargaining, the decision to take protected industrial action was not made lightly”.


“The industrial action will not be conducted on Christmas Day or Boxing Day, as the federation’s members want to ensure passengers can travel to be with their families and friends,” said Mr Lauchland.


The protected industrial action is scheduled to commence at 06:00 on 21 December and end on 23:59 on 24 December unless Tigerair make a reasonable offer to its pilots before that time.


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