Jetstar pilots vote to take protected industrial action (PIA)

Jetstar pilots have voted overwhelmingly in favour of protected industrial action that could result in flights being delayed in the coming weeks.

More than 90 per cent of the Australian Federation of Air Pilots (AFAP) Jetstar pilot members voted to approve the taking of protected industrial action. 

The compiled results show resounding support for all 15 forms of industrial action put to the pilots’ vote. 

The AFAP has notified the company of the following actions and has agreed to provide five working days’ notice (where the usual notice period is three working days): 

A limited number of four-hour work stoppages on both 14 and 15 December. 

A range of lower level bans such as:

  • not working on days off; 
  • not answering calls from the crewing department when not on duty;
  • not agreeing to extend flying duties beyond the existing limits; and 
  • not performing duties outside a pilot’s published roster.  

According to AFAP Executive Director Simon Lutton: “The decision to embark on protected industrial action has not been made lightly.” 

“Jetstar pilots and the AFAP ensure that industrial action will not be taken over Christmas to New Year to protect this holiday period for the travelling public,” said Mr Lutton. 

“We are hoping to resume discussions with the company to reach an agreement so that no further action needs to be taken after this period.” 

“The AFAP is still committed to reaching an agreement and is disappointed that we have had to take this action,” said Mr Lutton.


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