Jetstar Pilots’ PIA concludes this Friday (20 Dec)

The AFAP urges Jetstar management to resume discussions with its pilots following the four-hour work stoppages taken by Jetstar pilots last weekend. Jetstar pilots are frustrated by Jetstar management continually inflating figures during the process of negotiating a new enterprise agreement.


In particular, Jetstar’s management has exaggerated:

•             Average Jetstar pilot salaries (alleging they are in excess of $300,000 for a Captain)

•             Cost of pilots’ claims for increases to base pay (arriving at 15% using flawed data)

•             Cost imposition of the weekend’s two four-hour work stoppages


“The AFAP and Jetstar pilots are frustrated by Jetstar continually inventing figures to suit themselves. It is highly convenient for Jetstar management to claim that two four-hour work stoppages over the weekend will result in flight cancellations in January when no pilot action is planned past this Friday (20 December)”, said AFAP Executive Director Simon Lutton.


“In addition to claiming Jetstar Captains earn more than $300,000, Jetstar’s assertions that we are seeking a 15% wage increase are simply untrue.  The AFAP wage claim is for 3% annual increases to salary in line with Qantas Group policy,” said Mr Lutton.


“Put simply, Jetstar have manufactured the alleged 15% increase based on inaccurate and flawed costings of our non-salary claims, such as those claims relating to rostering and fatigue mitigation,” said Mr Lutton.


“Jetstar management have refused to meet with the pilots since November. Jetstar pilot representatives have been and remain ready, willing and able to resume negotiations at any time,” said Mr Lutton.


“Our aim is to reach a fair and reasonable agreement,” said Mr Lutton. “It is important that Jetstar returns to the bargaining table to reach a resolution.”


A range of lower level work bans are still in place and will end this Friday (20 December).


The AFAP will not be taking any industrial action over the busy Christmas-New Year period (from 21 December 2019 to 3 January 2020).


“It is our hope that Jetstar will use the window from 21 December to 3 January to schedule meetings and resume negotiations towards reaching a fair agreement so that we do not need to consider any further action after this point,” said Mr Lutton.


About AFAP

The Australian Federation of Air Pilots (AFAP) represents over 80% of the more than 800 flying (‘line’) commercial pilots employed by Jetstar in Australia. On the weekend of 14-15 December 2019, Jetstar pilots took Protected Industrial Action for the first time in the airline’s 15-year history.



Protecting Australia's Pilots