AFAP calls for Government to extend JobKeeper payment scheme

The Australian Federation of Air Pilots (AFAP) calls on the Federal Government to assist professional pilots through this period during which the aviation industry is suffering setbacks as a result of border closures arising from the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.  

The AFAP has approached Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack to request that any JobKeeper payments be extended beyond September 2020 for professional pilots. 

“The likelihood that international operations will resume in any meaningful way before September is remote and our highly-skilled airline pilot members are currently in a severe financial situation,” said AFAP President Louise Pole.

“Extending JobKeeper for the aviation industry would provide pilots some income until such time as flying can return and enable operators to keep pilots in readiness to resume flying to meet the travel demand,” said Captain Pole.   

“It also meets the requirements set by the Federal Government in that it would be industry-wide assistance, not specific to any one airline or operator.” 

This proposal follows AFAP’s earlier call for the Federal Government to waive tax payable on annual and long service leave which most Australian airline pilots are already drawing down on while being stood down without pay by their employers.


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