Pilots flying set approaches for new Brisbane Airport runway

Property prices of homes under Brisbane Airport flight paths are reported to have since the long-awaited second runway opened last July, sparking an avalanche of noise complaints to Air Services Australia.


The AFAP has dismissed claims by federal Brisbane MP Trevor Evans that “rat running'' by pilots was partly to blame for the level of disturbance plaguing residents [living in suburbs directly under the flight path for the new runway].


President of the Australian Federation of Air Pilots Captain Louise Pole said pilots simply followed set procedures under the direction of air traffic control.


“The issue is more complex than it seems. It involves the use of parallel runway operations under certain wind and weather conditions and the air traffic within the terminal airspace,” said Captain Pole.


“Pilots are simply flying set procedures - covering a number of predetermined approaches (standard arrivals or STARs) - under the direction of air traffic controllers employed by Air Services Australia.”


“It was rare for a pilot to ask for a specific approach path. The skies above the city were deemed Class C airspace and, as such, radar identified and very tightly controlled,” added AFAP safety and technical manager Marcus Diamond.


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