Aeromedical Conference 2018

Aeromedical Conference //

Our Welfare Director Matt O'Keeffe, formerly 8 years RFDS and now flying for Virgin Australia, opened the conference last Friday with an address to Aeromedical doctors, nurses, staff, experts and pilots in Hobart on the vital need for 'Peer Support for Frontline Aeromedical Staff'. Matt spoke about the real data that supports the vital nature of peer support in protecting the health and wellbeing of Aeromedical pilots, including some of the powerful success stories that have been achieved by the AFAP's own welfare programs.

The AFAP are ahead of the curve in terms of peer support for pilots in this country, because of the Welfare Representative Committee. The AFAP Welfare Reps are pilots who are trained to provide peer support to their colleagues and peers, and they form a network across the industry and the country. They are the perfect first point of contact for a listening ear pilot to pilot and referral to specialist, professional services; and essential in the battle to break down stigma in our industry that inhibits our pilots getting the help they need. 

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