TAF3 consultation closes 31 March

Recently the Bureau of Meteorology ran a two-day Aviation Industry Services Working Group meeting. The complete report will be on AFAP knowledge in the next few weeks however there are some time sensitive items for feedback from industry.

TAF3 implementation

The replacement of the TTF is scheduled to come in this year in August or November depending on final feedback. CASA has opened consultation and it closes on 31st March. We encourage as many pilots as possible to read the proposed changes and if you have any feedback, feedback is directly to CASA on the consultation hub that can be accessed at the link below. Please note that expanded information is available at the bottom of the CASA page, but we have also attached it here for your convenience.


Here are the proposed changes:

TTF will cease as early as August 2020 or delayed if required to November 2020
Increased coverage of aerodromes that currently have TTF (Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and some defence aerodromes) to include Hobart and Gold Coast.

TAF3 will be issued every 3 hours and reviewed every hour for any amendments
During times of marginal, deteriorating or fluctuating weather the TAF3 will be amended more frequently.

The proposed amendments to current TAF rules would replicate, as far as practicable, the operational effect observed under the existing TAF/TTF system which includes that in the first 3 hours of the TAF operators may be exempt from applying 30-minute buffers for change groups (e.g FM periods) and not to apply PROB 30/40 for TS or low visibility.

PROB is and will be used in TAF (it is not used in TTF) if the estimated probability of occurrence is 30 or 40% (probabilities of less than 30% will not be given), and will only be used with reference to thunderstorms or poor visibility (less than the alternate minimum) resulting from fog, mist, dust, smoke or sand. If the estimated probability of occurrence is equal to or greater than 50%, then reference to PROB will not be used.

Please use the CASA consultation hub link above for TAF3 knowledge and feedback.

For more information here is the link to the BOM TAF3 webpage http://www.bom.gov.au/aviation/trend-review/index.shtml

BOM feedback: Please send any feedback on the following two items via email to technical@afap.org.au

International TAFs

At some smaller international airports such as those used for international alternates, the BOM propose to reduce the validity from 30 hours to 18 hours.

Recent Fire/Smoke Event

During the recent fires throughout east coast of Australia, the BOM are seeking feedback on the presentation of smoke (FU) on the forecast.

The challenge was the presentation of Vertical Visibility (VV) to advise operators and pilots of the conditions.

Please see the attached document for the final presentation. Please provide feedback if you had any specific challenges or suggestions.


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