Cabin Air Quality Seminar - 30 Oct 2023

Cabin Air Quality Seminar - 30 Oct 2023

Cabin air can be contaminated with organophosphates when engine oil and/or hydraulic fluid leaks into the cabin air conditioning system, the air supply for which is drawn from the engine bleed air.
Pilots and cabin crew are most at risk as there can be constant leakage of heated oil vapor in the bleed air into the cabin air at a very low rate. In some individual crew, the inherent toxins can slowly build up in their bodies through repeated exposure.

In some circumstances, aircrew have been so affected by cabin air quality or an acute fume event that it has impacted the safety of flight.

Please join us for an informative update from Dr Susan Michaelis PhD and Captain Tristan Loraine BCA joining us in person from the Global Cabin Air Quality Executive (GCAQE) along with Ms Judith Anderson, MSc CIH (Industrial Hygienist & Association of Flight Attendants).

Date: Monday 30 October, 1300-1500 AEDT

Speakers: Capt Tristan Loraine BCA - Dr Susan Michaelis - Ms Judith Anderson

Venue: AFAP Melbourne Office, Level 4, 132-136 Albert Road, South Melbourne

You are encouraged to attend and hear more about some exciting new developments, including:

  • The AFAP – and a few other pilot unions around the world – have funded the development of a blood test to detect organophosphate derivatives in a pilot’s bloodstream. Final international certification and blood spot detection is being finalised by Dr Clem Furlong’s team at the University of Washington, Seattle (USA).
  • Peer-reviewed medical protocols for fume events
  • Aviation lubricant manufacturer NYCO has finalised patents and nearing completion of a military specification for its engine oil that has no organophosphate additives.
  • New total air filtration system being trialled by Airbus

Please RSVP to and indicate if you are attending in person or joining us via video-link (to be provided closer to the date).

Regards, AFAP

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