Mentor Program in QLD

On 14 September, the Leading Edge Mentor Program expanded its reach to Queensland when we matched 11 AFAP mentors and mentees.

Queensland is the second state that the program has been established. The first was in Victoria, when we officially launched Leading Edge earlier this year.

Leading Edge provides junior pilots with networking opportunities in a competitive industry. Mentees are matched with a mentor who has long standing experience in aviation. Mentors are able to provide mentees with insight into the aviation industry, including their experiences, perspective and general career advice. 

"I wish there was a formal mentor program when I started flying," said AFAP Life Member Captain John Grady - a sentiment which was echoed by several of the mentors.

The Queensland program proved to be a great success, with mentors and mentees having no difficulty connecting and getting relationships rolling.

Captain John Grady was the guest speaker, sharing his career path and insights into the industry with the group.


Where Leading Edge is going next

In early 2018, Leading Edge will be available to pilots in Western Australia. Depending on interest, the next location that will have mentors and mentees matched will be South Australia.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Leading Edge Mentor Program and have not yet registered, please contact Leading Edge Organisers - Emma Young ( or David Kelly ( at the AFAP.



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