Mentor Program in WA

The Leading Edge Mentor Program once again expanded to another state, beginning in Western Australia on Wednesday 16 May.    

We received a lot of interest from both mentors and mentees wanting to take part in the program, with 15 AFAP mentors and mentees being matched.   

WA is only the third state Leading Edge has rolled-out in, after beginning in Victoria in 2016 before going to Queensland in 2017. With each roll-out we are seeing an increase in interest from pilots around all areas of aviation.   

The Leading Edge Mentor Program is a great way for aspiring pilots to gain one-on-one assistance and support from a pilot with long standing knowledge in the aviation industry.   

Next Leading Edge Roll-Out   

Leading Edge will be moving to South Australia in October 2018, followed by the remaining states in 2019.   

If you would like to register your interest in taking part in the program, please register below.     

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If you would also like to contact one of the Leading Edge organisers for more information contact Abbey Minogue ( ) or David Kelly ( at the AFAP.


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