CASA review and rescind the "two in the cockpit" (2ITC) procedures policy

This briefing is for those pilots operating under “two in the cockpit” (2ITC) procedures


CASA finally review and rescind the “two in the cockpit” (2ITC) procedures policy leaving the decision to the operator:

The AFAP has made a number of safety and technical submissions as AusALPA, regarding the Post Implementation Review of “Two in the Cockpit” Policy.

In our most recent submission to CASA (provided in Jan 2018), we noted: 

that no risk assessment was done prior to implementation of the 2ITC policy. 

On review, the 2ITC policy introduced a range of unintended consequences and risks to safety and security of the aircraft and did not adequately address the core issues of why the policy was implemented. 

AusALPA recommended that a transparent and formal risk assessment be led by CASA and attended by airline operators and professional pilot associations with the objective to crystallise what risks exist and what mitigation is actually necessary. The confusion and unintended consequences created by the original policy imposition must be removed by a cooperatively determined statement that provides the source for policy analysis and reassessment, industry wide consistency in procedural development, training and implementation. 

CASA has considered the AusALPA submissions on the 2ITC policy and has written to the AFAP’s David Booth regarding this issue (see attached letter). CASA agree that each operator should conduct their own risk and safety assessment to determine whether to continue with 2ITC procedures. This is also aligned with a recent EASA information bulletin on minimum cockpit occupancy. In summary, CASA’s position now is that operators are free to review their procedures and remove the restrictions of the 2ITC policy, and that the operator should take a more flexible risk based approach. 

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