AFAP Letter to Minister Dutton regarding Qantas Labour Agreement

15 August 2018  

The Hon Peter Dutton MP
Minister for Home Affairs, Immigration
and Border Protection
PO Box 25Belconnen ACT 2616  


Dear Minister, 

Re:      Approval of Qantas Group Labour Agreement for Pilots

I am writing on behalf of the Australian Federation of Air Pilots (AFAP) in relation to the recently announced Government decision to approve a labour agreement covering various companies within the Qantas Group. The AFAP requests:

1.     The basis for the Government’s decision to approve a labour agreement covering the Qantas Group;

2.     The details of the approval; and

3.     Confirmation that the Government received and read the attached AFAP submission dated 16 April 2018 made to the Qantas Group in response to their proposed application for a labour agreement.

Having previously provided detailed information and met with your Departmental staff earlier this year regarding the use and need for Temporary Skill Shortage Visas applying to pilots, the AFAP is surprised and disappointed by the Government decision to grant the Qantas Group a labour agreement. This decision will disadvantage the long-term career aspirations of many current Australian pilots who could fill all required roles if appropriate training and retention measures were implemented  Instead, Qantas has taken no such steps and your decision has provided a short term band-aid solution which appears to reward poor management to the detriment of Australians. Accordingly we strongly encourage the Government to review and reverse this decision. 

We respectfully request a response from your Department within 72 hours in answer to the three points above and any additional information you believe appropriate.  Please feel free to contact me directly via or the AFAP Executive Director, Mr Simon Lutton via email:, ph: (03) 9928 5737 or mobile: 0419 482 582.

Yours sincerely 

Captain David Booth 
Australian Federation of Air Pilots


Protecting Australia's Pilots