HIMS Annual Seminar & AGM

The HIMS Australia Advisory Group has organised an impressive line-up of international and local speakers for its Annual Seminar (Mascot, 27 November 2018):

  • Capt Keith Otsuka – Chief Pilot, Commercial Aircraft (Boeing Aircraft Company)
  • Mr Shane Carmody – Director of Aviation Safety (Civil Aviation Safety Authority)
  • LCDR David Munro – Director, Navy Alcohol and Other Drug Services (Royal Australian Navy)
  • Capt Corey Slone – National HIMS Chair (US ALPA)
  • Capt Simon Nicholson – HIMS Chair (NZALPA)
  • Dr Kate Manderson – President (Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine)
  • Capt Dave Fielding – British Airways (BA) Company Council (BA & BALPA)
  • Capt Adrian Park – Aviation Safety and Quality Manager (Helicopters)

If you are interested in attending the seminar and/or AGM and becoming more involved with the  HIMS program, please contact welfare@afap.org.au


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