JobSeeker for pilots ineligible for JobKeeper Payment

The AFAP, along with many other aviation organisations, has called on Government for an extension of the JobKeeper program for the aviation industry. 

We have now also been contacted by a group of pilot members who have been seriously impacted by the COVID-19 crisis but, owing to the nature of their employer, are ineligible for the JobKeeper payments. 

These are Australian pilots who reside and pay tax in Australia but whose employer is an overseas company. To date these pilots whose work and income has effectively ceased have needed to access JobSeeker payments. 

At present these JobSeeker payments are at an increased rate (with the Coronavirus Supplement) and other conditions such as asset tests and partner income have been temporarily relaxed (until late September).

Consistent with our call for an extension of JobKeeper for the aviation industry, we request that Government extend the JobSeeker payments, or similar support, for affected Australian pilots who have been left without work but due to the nature of their usual employer do not qualify for JobKeeper.


Protecting Australia's Pilots