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QantasLink pilots accept two-year wage freeze

QantasLink pilots are the first major unionised cohort at Qantas Group to accept a two-year wage freeze as the grounded airline navigates the pandemic.

The new Enterprise Agreements negotiated with the AFAP are backdated to 2019, so the wage freeze period has already passed and the pilots will get a 2% raise in 2021 and 2022.

The AFAP sought to work collaboratively with the company to conclude the enterprise bargaining discussions.

We are pleased to have arrived at a pragmatic outcome for the QantasLink pilot groups.

The Eastern and Sunstate pilot councils look forward to resuming negotiations towards the second half of next year in what we anticipate will be a better negotiating environment.

The next step is for the company to lodge the necessary paperwork with the Fair Work Commission to seek agreement certification at which point back payments should then be processed. This process can still take some time with an estimated approval timeframe of six to eight weeks.

Elections Australia results:

Eastern Australia Airlines Pty Limited Pilots Enterprise Agreement 2019

  • 83.47% of Eastern pilots voting, of which 90.86% said yes

Sunstate Australia Airlines Pty Limited Pilots Enterprise Agreement 2019

  • 79.91% of Sunstate pilots voting, of which 91.06% said yes


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