Rex B737 EA approved by FWC

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has approved the new Regional Express B737 enterprise agreement (EA). 

In accordance with the Fair Work Act, the new EA becomes operative from 1 August 2023 and brings in a range of changes to the working conditions of Rex's B737 pilots, including:

  • Back-pay
  • Higher salaries
  • Increased allowances
  • Changes to rostering rules
  • 9 RDOs (10 from 1 October 2023)
  • Permanent employment
  • Profit sharing & Rex's share gift scheme
  • Productivity payments

The AFAP will soon be looking for interested members to nominate for a position on the Rex Airlines Domestic Pilots' Committee (RADPC) - see clause 62 of the new EA for an explanation of the RADPC.


The new EA stipulates that bargaining for the following EA is to commence by 1 October 2024 (i.e. 9 months prior to your new EA's nominal expiry date).


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