IFALPA Recent and Relevant Papers

The AFAP is a member association of the International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations | IFALPA. We support and contribute to IFALPA’s advocacy work and some recent publications that members may be interested.

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Position Paper - Use of Social Media by Pilots | IFALPA Dec 13, 2023

Social media has blurred the line between our professional and personal lives. Posting a status update or short comment may seem innocuous, but what pilots do and say on social media may have serious consequences. IFALPA is concerned with the potential risk taken by pilots who may unknowingly put their flying career, and that of their colleagues, in jeopardy.

Position Paper - Protection of all Cockpit Recordings | IFALPA Dec 21, 2023

The lack of ICAO definitions of "cockpit voice recordings" and "airborne image recordings" leaves it with the States to decide which onboard recordings should be protected in accordance with this Annex, and which should not. IFALPA believes that these two terms should be interpreted as ANY recording made in the cockpit, irrespective of how it is produced, and not only recordings made by systems or devices fitted to complement accident/incident investigation.

Position Paper - PED Smoke or Fire Response Kits | IFALPA Jan 08, 2024

IFALPA believes that the provision of Personal Electronic Devices (PED) smoke or fire response kits are only acceptable for use if they meet certain requirements. Currently some airlines have been providing containment bags or boxes to crew members as part of their Dangerous Goods smoke or fire response kits, to deal with a potential thermal runaway of PEDs without them being fit for purpose.


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