AFAP Safety Occurrence Guide

AFAP Safety Occurrence Guide

The AFAP Safety Occurrence Guide is a vital resource tailored to assist AFAP members in the aftermath of accidents, incidents or performance issues. It has been welcomed by our members and used to help them navigate through various safety related occurrences since it was announced in December 2023.

When an event occurs for most pilots it is their first time. This also means that the safety investigation and return to work post event process is happening for the first time. The AFAP supports members regularly through any performance, safety related events and have an understanding of how the process should look and how different pilot react to it. The AFAP Safety Occurrence guide was created to share this knowledge and equip pilots with an understanding of the process and how the the different levels of AFAP support look.

Support from the AFAP can be simply a phone call to share the information, or attendance as a support person and everywhere in between. The purpose of the document is twofold, to assist a member towards an expeditious return to line and to set the benchmark to the industry of pilot support.

The AFAP Safety Occurrence Guide is to be used in conjunction with the AFAP Accident and Incident checklist.

It can be accessed here.


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