The Australian Federation of Air Pilots (AFAP) is the largest union and professional association for Australia’s commercial pilots. We have a proud history of supporting Australia’s pilots since 1938.

The AFAP has the most experienced and skilled industrial, legal and safety and technical team representing Pilots in Australia. In order to positively influence negotiations and improve conditions for Qantas Mainline pilots we welcome applications for membership from Qantas Short Haul and Long Haul Pilots.

Details on how to join the AFAP and AAPMBF (Loss of Licence) are below.

Qantas Pilots selecting payment via payroll deduction will not begin to have their AFAP subscription payments deducted until 1 April 2024 when the payroll deduction facility at Qantas commences. This provides a unique opportunity to receive AFAP communications and other services without any initial or upfront cost.


The reasons for joining the AFAP include:

  • The AFAP is a democratic and transparent organisation comprising elected unpaid pilot representatives supported by expert legal, and safety and technical staff;

  • The AFAP structure provides for a dedicated elected Qantas Mainline Pilot Council Committee which has full autonomy and decision-making control of Qantas mainline matters;

  • The AFAP is financially strong, with a large surplus and a growing membership of more than 5,500 members across Australia;

  • The AFAP has the most experienced and skilled legal and industrial team in the industry, with a proven track record of delivering for members in the Qantas Group and broader industry;

  • The AFAP has a comprehensive safety and technical department led by full-time former Pilots, with proven expertise and experience in safety matters, including fatigue management and safety interviews;

  • The AFAP has dedicated staff resources in marketing, media and welfare support services;

  • The AFAP is proudly independent from Qantas management with a demonstrated track record of positive outcomes for our members across the Qantas Group and the broader industry;
  • The AFAP is not afraid to explore and use all lawful options available to us under the Fair Work Act when required, as demonstrated in our other negotiations within the Qantas Group and across the industry generally.

Our services include:


Pilots can join by completing the attached form.

The AFAP’s annual fees are a maximum of 1% of your MGH (whether Short Haul or Long Haul), in contrast to other organisations that calculate their fees based on other payments in addition to MGH.

The AFAP fees per annum are limited to the amounts in the attached document.

AFAP fees can be paid annually, quarterly or by payroll deduction. For Qantas pilots on payroll deductions fees will be deducted at fixed amount each fortnight.

Qantas Pilots interested in AFAP membership can contact Pat Larkins (, Chris Aikens ( or Simon Lutton ( at the AFAP or by calling (03) 9928 5737.


To receive the AFAP Qantas Pilot Council communications Qantas Pilots (including non-members) can register for our Mailing List by clicking here

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