New Wings //

New Wings seeks to promote and advance the interests of Australia's next generation of pilots. More expansively, the new Wings program seeks to ensure that pilots in the early stages of their career are effectively supported on the path to a fulfilling profession. 

Each year, the AFAP & AAP MBF jointly fund a scholarship or prize to a second-year and third-year student undertaking piloting training at each of these Australian universities: Edith Cowan University (WA), Griffith University (QLD), Swinburne University of Technology (VIC), RMIT University (VIC), University of New South Wales (NSW), University of South Australia (SA) and the University of Southern Queensland  (QLD). It is intended that the awarded $3000 amount is to be used to assist the successful recipients in funding their flying training.

Leading Edge //

Leading Edge is a mentoring program that provides aspiring pilots with one-on-one assistance and support from a pilot with long-standing experience in the industry.  Mentors are able to provide mentees with insight into the aviation industry, including their experiences, perspective and general career advice.

The program takes a one-on-one approach to matching mentees with mentors. Prior to matching, we seek to understand where mentees want to go in their career, why they would like a mentor and where they are based so that they can be matched with a mentor in their area of interest. 

After the matching process, an introductory session is facilitated by the AFAP. With the guidance of the AFAP, it is then up to the mentors and mentees to decide how they wish to go forward with the program. The program initially requires mentees and mentors to be geographically close, so pairs can meet in person during our facilitated Meet and Greet sessions. Over the 12 months that they are matched, the individuals decide with each other how they would like the relationship to work. 

Both mentors and mentees must be an AFAP member (click "Join Now" below or email or email in order to participate in the Leading Edge program, and you must be able to attend the introductory training session. If you cannot attend this session we will be unable to match you with a mentor as we cannot facilitate ad-hoc matching at this current stage. However, details are kept on file for future roll-outs. We understand some hopeful participants are located in remote locations, we urge you to still register your interest as we are looking at ways to accommodate this.

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Promoting Piloting as a Profession

The AFAP seeks to promote flying as a rewarding and honourable profession. AFAP representatives present information sessions at universities, high schools and career expos. We provide information on how to become a pilot, in addition to honest, knowledgeable and positive insights into this profession. 

Achieving Diversity in the Future

This initiative endeavours to foster equal opportunity so that future pilots stem from different parts of society. With the support of the AFAP’s Women’s Network, New Wings also strives to further gender equality in the industry.

Challenging Exploitation of New Pilots

Our industrial staff provide advice on your employment rights and entitlements, review contracts and pursue employers in breach on their industrial obligations.

Training Affordability

We understand that training is extremely expensive. The AFAP is committed to investigating and implementing ways to make it more affordable. We offer free AFAP membership to student pilots and scholarships to university students.


Protecting Australia's Pilots